Gala 2018 - Moderation Nicole Simmen

Gala 2018 - Delta Q

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Der kleine Prinz


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The European Youth Musical Festival supports the musical development of young people and the
exchange of choir leaders with professional artists and other musical groups. The ingenious leisure
time activities and the intensive musical cooperation on a high artistic level are of major importance.
Apart from the passion and the energy the E.Y.M.F. is investing into the creativity of young people,
the significant financial support has to be considered too.
Children, youth and girls choirs can participate at the Festival as well as youth ensembles from all over
Germany and from abroad, provided that they are active in the musical business and they
should present a production in German or sequences from the respective play/musical.
Two musicals are presented every day, with breaks in between. The stage is a good opportunity for
the ensembles to perform and point out the artistic level (quality) of their work.
Another essential part of the Festival is the great variety of workshops around the topic “Musical”.
Many different workshops, such as dance, drama, choir, solo singing, arrangement and make-up are
offered to the participants. Experts with international reputation and many years of experience are
giving lectures and are offering advices concerning the possibilities of a career in the musical
Besides the performances in the evening and the workshops, the Festival is also presenting a
competition for soloists. Every member of the Festival up to the age of 22 years is allowed to
participate in this competition. Every competitor has to perform two titles, the competition is open
to the public.
The winners of this competition are honoured during the final gala night.